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"My hands are a way of express to the world what I feel inside as an artist making jewelry, as a dentist sculpting teeth, and a community leader, preserving our culture which is ever changing" - Jerry Hiura

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by Christian Moeller

This piece takes the form of an architectural curtain wall composed of two layers of galvanized chain-link fence and approximately 400,000 white plastic discs. It stretches over the entire length of 1250 feet, along the seven story tall eastern facade of a rental car parking garage of the Mineta San Jose airport.

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As an active advocate for multi-cultural arts, Dr. Jerry spent his life passionately involved in bringing diversity to organizations at the state and local levels. 


At the state level, Dr. Jerry was appointed by Governor Gray Davis to the California State Arts Council, where he served as Vice-Chair. 


Locally, he served as Chair of the City of San Jose's Arts Commission and as President of the Arts Council of Silicon Valley. He was a driving force behind the Three Japantown Landmarks Public Arts projects and Ikoinoba, quiet resting places, throughout Japantown. He was on the Board of Trustees for the San Jose Museum of Art and a board member for Chopsticks Alley Art. Dr. Jerry also co-founded the Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (CATS) and the Japantown Community Congress of San Jose (JCCsj). 

In lieu of flowers, donate to Dr. Jerry's favorite charities

Contemporary Asian Theatre Scene

Chopsticks Alley Art

San Jose Museum of Art

Japantown Community Congress of San Jose

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