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A Daughter In-Law’s Perspective

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

contagious laughter

the gifted storyteller

a charming spirit 

Curious and engaging soul. Conversationalist. Wicked smart and self-deprecating. Sweet tooth indulger. Newspaper junkie. Maker of really strong coffee. Hong Kong hiking companion (and survivor). Tension breaker. Loving Father in-law. Family traveler. Lover of Maui and shaved ice. Snorkel partner and swimming buddy. Devoted and playful Gung Gung. Supportive and proud Grandfather. Endured countless Disney movies, a trip to Disney World, and a Disney Cruise. Lover of tiny toys that could be shared with grandkids yet sometimes kept for himself. Appreciates simple things and home-cooked meals. Generous with his heart and time. Treasured companion. Deeply loved. A colorful life well lived.

Heather Goodwin-Yu

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When I first met with Jerry, I feel he is really polite, quite at ease n interesting! I really had a good conversation with him. The second time we met, I played golf with him and his mother n sister.

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