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Blanca Alvarado

I continue to dwell in sorrow since the untimely passing of one of my dearest friends.

Jerry Hiura was a man for all seasons.  He amplified my life with his charismatic smile, his engaging personality and his embracing and giving nature.  To be in Jerry's orbit was to be in the most important experience infused with his laughter, our shared love for the Arts, a mutual commitment to humanity and civic engagement.

His respect for his culture and the culture of others was reflected in his inclusivity.  He was a strong advocate for all cultures that today has made San Jose and its environs a City proud of its multi-ethnicity.  His strong push to see the value in the Arts has been beneficial throughout the Bay area and Internationally.  The Arts Initiatives that he championed will last in tribute to him for decades to come.  I am particularly grateful to Jerry for his support of the Mexican Heritage Plaza, Teatro Vision, MACLA, Tabia. Taiko, to name a few.

It was always a special occasion to visit Dr. Jerry at work and to contemplate the most recent acquisition of Folk Art from Oaxaca, and to be regaled with conversations about local politics, politicians (we all flocked to his chair), and civic matters.

I will always cherish Dr. Jerry as a remarkable person I loved, admired, and looked up to.

Blanca Alvarado

Former San Jose City Councilmember and County Supervisor

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When I first met with Jerry, I feel he is really polite, quite at ease n interesting! I really had a good conversation with him. The second time we met, I played golf with him and his mother n sister.


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