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Julie Skordos

We will greatly miss Dr. Jerry. My condolences to all of his family.

He was a wonderful dentist, a very kind, caring, and generous natured person. He always showed great kindness to my mom, me, and my grown children at his dental practice. I have known Dr. Jerry from many years ago. I went to his fathers practice when I was a teenager, then later to Dr. Jerry. I loved his passion about art when he would share about being on SJ city art council. He was a great person and I will miss seeing him from time to time at the dental practice. He is irreplaceable!

From the photos you shared he had a very fulfilling, loving, beautiful life! Thank you for sharing his memory of life.

God bless you all.


(formerly Julie Long)

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When I first met with Jerry, I feel he is really polite, quite at ease n interesting! I really had a good conversation with him. The second time we met, I played golf with him and his mother n sister.


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