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Kent Hiura

My thoughts on my cousin, Jerry.

Jerry, Dr. Jerry, Jer, Jerrold, Dr. J, Uncle Jerry, Cousin, Cuz, Brother, Bro, Zukin, Asao, Hirasu, The Man, Boss, Boss Man, Poet Man, JerrySAN and Top CAT(S)…

Over the years I addressed him in this manner, He is one guy who wore many hats, as he can speak on so many levels or dialects pending who he was talking with or what he was trying to convey.

He can shuck and Jive, speak with sophistication, and with his “glib being” use the most eloquent words. When we

were young, I would listen to get a few expensive words.. remember “Nebulous” haha.

He was a Poet, Dentist, Musician, Politician, Philanthropist, an Artist but mostly just a good man!

I miss his Jive, our laughs together, I appreciate him and will continue to think of him…

He may be gone but never forgotten!!!

RIP my Brother,


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When I first met with Jerry, I feel he is really polite, quite at ease n interesting! I really had a good conversation with him. The second time we met, I played golf with him and his mother n sister.


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